BDC’s 1000-square-foot gallery will present exhibitions by documentary photographers and filmmakers four times a year—shows that incorporate a combination of prints, video, multimedia and ephemera.

In addition its regular programming, BDC will hold intermittent one-week exhibitions in partnership with schools and local organizations. 



A group show of recent documentary photography and photojournalism by Bronx photographers.

Friday, Sept. 5, 6:00PM 
Free and open to the public

Sept. 5 – Oct. 12, 2014
Thursdays and Fridays 3PM - 7PM
Saturdays and Sundays 1PM - 5PM

Guest Curators: Sandra Stevenson, Picture Editor, The New York Times
Brad Smith, Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated 

* Please note the gallery will be closed to the public on Sept. 14 and Sept. 25.


Ben Fernandez | The ’60s: Decade of Change

Exhibition extended until July 27. Open by appointment until August 15

Opening Reception Friday, May 2, 2014 6-9PM 

On view May 2 – July 20, 2014
* Gallery will be closed from Friday, July 4 through Sunday, July 6 for the holiday weekend. 
* Gallery will be closed to the public on Friday, June 20 and Saturday, June 28.
Too Young to Wed | Stephanie Sinclair 
Opening Reception Saturday January 18, 6-9PM
On View January 19 - March 16, 2014
* Gallery is closed Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 2:00-3:30pm due to an event. 
* Gallery is closed Thursday, February 27, 2014 through Saturday, February 30, 2014.
Refugee Hotel | Gabriele Stabile
Opening Reception September 27, 6:30-9PM
On View September 28-December 1

Voices of Promise | Interactive Installation
On View June 6-8, 2013

An interactive video installation based on the award-winning film AMERICAN PROMISE. Collaborators on the project include Jessica Ann Peavy, Bang Geul Han, and the directors of AMERICAN PROMISE.

Tim McLaughlin, Gary Knight and Peter Maass | INVASION: Diaries and Memories of War in Iraq

March 15-April 19, 2013

The exhibition features the remarkable war diaries of Marine Lt. Timothy McLaughlin, along with texts by Peter Maass and photographs by Gary Knight. Free and open to the public.
Joe Conzo, Jr, Ricky Flores, Angel Franco, David Gonzalez, Edwin Pagán, Francisco Molina Reyes II | Seis del Sur: Dispatches From Home by Six Nuyorican
January 19- March 8, 2013
Nina Berman | Bronx Gardens
June 2 - August 16
The photographs in the Gardens series redefine the possibility of urban life, taking the South Bronx, with its infamous history and imagining it as a place of natural sustenance, promise and tranquility. Over the years motivated residents who saw possibility where others found wreckage cleaned out abandoned sites and created green spaces - islands of calm that nurtured themselves and their neighborhood, one plot at a time.
This project is part of the NOOR Foundation’s Climate Change project. Learn more at www.noorimages.com.
Off-site Exhibition
Tim Hetherington | This Side of Paradise 
April 4-June 5
Tim Hetherington’s 20-minute film, Diary, will be on view in This Side of Paradise, a unique exhibition of over twenty Bronx-based artists and arts organizations who have created site-specific installations in rooms of the abandoned Andrew Freedman mansion.
Organized by No Longer Empty.
Andrew Freeman Home
1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 
Ana Brigida Moreira | How the Other Half (Still) Lives
March 30-April 6
As part of our ongoing community partnerships, BDC will hold a one-week exhibit of photographs by Ana Brigida Moreira depicting families facing hazardous health and safety conditions in public housing. Organized by South Bronx Churches, NYCHA Tenants and Metro IAF.
Visions: Tim Hetherington
October 22, 2011-January 22, 2012

Tim Hetherington, renowned photojournalist and Oscar-nominated film director was considered by many to be the finest multimedia journalist of his generation. Killed in combat on April 20, 2011 in Libya, Hetherington was a close friend of the BDC’s founder and was involved in the organization’s initial planning. Featuring photography, film and multimedia, this is the first exhibition to show Hetherington’s final work from Libya.