From the NYT, a jumbled piece that interchangeably and incorrectly uses the terms “street photographer” and “street-style photographer.”  To further confuse matters, the writer opens the piece with Vivian Maier, who really was a street photographer, yet is presented here as a street-style photographer.

The crux of the piece is that models are increasingly taking pictures.  The writer and headline writer seem to not understand that there has long been a genre of picture-taking called “street photography,” widely practiced by women since Berenice Abbott was shooting in the 1930s.

Lizette Model, one of street photography’s godmothers, taught Diane Arbus and a generation of others.  The New York Photo League, active primarily in the 1940s and 50s—and made up largely of street photographers—lists over 20 female members.  An excellent show of Photo League work is currently up:

click on the artists link above for a list of members

Lastly, to write a piece about models taking photos, and not mention Lee Miller, seems a glaring omission.  One of the great beauties of her time, Lee began photographing in 1929 and became one of the leading photojournalists, fashion and portrait photographers of the 20th century.

Mike Kamber